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Sylvester Enzio „Sly“ Stallone ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor, Filmproduzent und Unternehmer. Er wurde dreimal für den Oscar und ebenso oft für den Golden Globe Award nominiert. Mit Letzterem wurde er Sylvester Enzio „Sly“ Stallone (* 6. Juli in New York City als Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Filmregisseur. Frank Stallone (* Juli in New York City, New York) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Schauspieler und Sänger. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Diskografie. Schon seit über einem Jahrzehnt will Sylvester Stallone einen Film über Edgar Allen Poe machen. Nun nutzt er die. Bis auf wenige Ausnahmen in zum Teil auch humoristischen Filmen, stand Silvester Stallone zumeist als unbeugsamer und starker Charakter vor der Kamera.


Sylvester Stallone findet, dass der erste "Rocky" sein bester ist, doch auf "Rocky Balboa" ist er wegen der schwierigen Entstehungsgeschichte. Sylvester Enzio „Sly“ Stallone ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor, Filmproduzent und Unternehmer. Er wurde dreimal für den Oscar und ebenso oft für den Golden Globe Award nominiert. Mit Letzterem wurde er Bis auf wenige Ausnahmen in zum Teil auch humoristischen Filmen, stand Silvester Stallone zumeist als unbeugsamer und starker Charakter vor der Kamera.

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Dolph Lundgren & His Fiance Emma Krokdal Speak On Sylvester Stallone While Leaving Lunch Together

There was also a simpler story line. If James Cameron says anything more than that, then he realizes he's now doing the backstroke badly in a pool of lies.

And finally, Joe Eszterhas wrote a script that was nearly pages and was more of a novel than a shootable screenplay.

A great deal of work was done by myself, along with Norman Jewison, to hammer it into shape, but Joe had conceived a great concept.

Asked if James Cameron was going to direct Rambo: First Blood Part II No, I think that James Cameron is a brilliant talent, but I thought the politics were important, such as a right-wing stance coming from Trautman and his nemesis, Murdock, contrasted by Rambo's obvious neutrality, which I believe is explained in Rambo's final speech.

I realize his speech at the end may have caused millions of viewers to burst veins in their eyeballs by rolling them excessively, but the sentiment stated was conveyed to me by many veterans.

On Paradise Alley I wrote the book first, then the screenplay. Both I wrote before I'd even thought about Rocky , so originally they were done in But I was very broke and I optioned the screenplay of Paradise Alley to a real So the first time I went in to meet Chartoff and Winkler, I was there on an acting job.

I didn't get it, but on the way out I said, "I have this screenplay called Paradise Alley They wanted to make it, but the other cretin that I had optioned it to was so obnoxious, so overbearing, that the producers wanted nothing to do with me or the screenplay.

So on the way out, they said, "If you have any ideas, we'd be happy to look at them. The door of opportunity was wide open and I had nothing to carry over its threshold.

That's when I started to write Rocky So thank God for the maggot; otherwise I never would've written the story of Mr.

It's very simple why Eye See You landed in limbo. A film is a very delicate creature. Any adverse publicity or internal shake-up can upset the perception of - and studio confidence in - a feature.

For some unknown reason the original producer pulled out and right away the film was considered damaged goods; by the time we ended filming there was trouble brewing on the set because of overages and creative concerns between the director and the studio.

The studio let it sit on the shelf for many months and after over a year it was decided to do a re-shoot. We screened it, it tested okay, Ron Howard was involved with overseeing some of the post-production Actually, if you looked up, you could see celluloid buzzards circling as we lay there dying on the distributor's floor.

One amusing note: It was funny, when we were met at the airport by the teamsters they'd have a sign in front of them saying Detox, and all these actors like Kris Kristofferson , Tom Berenger and myself looked like we were going into rehab rather than a film shoot.

On his early days I do remember the windows and they were painted black, simply because my life was dedicated to writing since acting jobs had eluded me.

But make no mistake about it, my writing was pretty atrocious in the beginning and my style left a lot to be desired. For example, I would begin writing at at night as I listened to The Bee Gees ' Odessa album over and over and over until in the morning.

The writing never amounted to much, but I memorized all the words to the album. It's safe to say I've long since abandoned that method of writing.

The reason I painted the windows is, I didn't want any distractions or excuses to distract me from trying to work, such as, "My, what a nice day, I think I'll go outside and beg for food.

On his worst injury from a Rocky film Well, the worst pre-injury was the torn chest muscles competing in the bench press competition before Rocky II , and the worst was in Rocky IV In the first round, I thought these two characters should hate each other so much that they should just attack each other like pit dogs So what you see in the first twenty seconds is real, and after the third take of taking body blows, I felt a burning in my chest, but ignored it.

Later that night I couldn't breathe very well, and they took me to the emergency room. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, and there I resided in intensive care for eight days.

What had happened is he struck me so hard in the chest that my heart slammed against my breastbone and began to swell, so the beating became labored, and without medical attention the heart would've continued to swell until it stopped.

Many people that have car accidents die like this when the steering wheel slams into their chest.

So in a sense I was hit by "a streetcar named Drago. Challenging Carl Weathers 's statement that in a no holds bar match between himself and the other boxng stars of the Rocky films and he said it would be Mr.

T , him, Dolph Lundgren and Stallone First of all, my brother Frank used to spar with Carl and chase him around the ring like a fox running from a hound.

I saw Dolph Lundgren pick up Carl and heave him three feet into the corner when I was directing the scene between them; rather than retaliate, Carl got out of the ring and said something ferocious like, "I'm calling my agent I quit!

T , Paulie, and then Apollo Creed. If he directed Over the Top I would have made it less glossy and set it more in an urban environment, for one.

Next, I would've not used a never-ending stream of rock songs, but scored music instead, and most likely would've made the event in Vegas more ominous - not so carnival-like.

On getting into shape for First Blood The burnt toast rumour is false. I ate perhaps eggs per day and only dined on fish so my body was getting ridiculously thin.

If I had to do it over again, I would've definitely thrown in some good ol' pasta into that formula, because a strict diet of protein provides no warmth, and let me be clear, that was one cold and brutal shoot.

I grew up not very confident. I had tons of self-doubt and wasn't physically strong either, so the world appeared to be an extremely large and intimidating sphere.

All my life, I always thought that I was alone in these disturbing thoughts, but the older I grew, the more I realized the world is made up of victims, victims of harsh reality, victims of inequality.

I thought the most tragic thing one could be confronted with is the prospect of loneliness and the second, the lack of opportunity to prove one's self-worth.

So Rocky was just a manifestation of all the underdogs who dream of one day having the opportunity to reach for the stars. They may not get there, but at least the opportunity to show what's in a person's heart is the main goal.

On the shower scene with Sharon Stone in The Specialist Let it be known, I didn't want to do this scene because Sharon was not cooperating.

We get to the set and she decides not to take her robe off. The director asks only a few of the crew to remain, and she still won't take it off.

I promised her I wouldn't take any liberties, so what's the problem? She said, "I'm just sick of nudity. She was having none of it, so I went down to my trailer, brought back a bottle of Black Death vodka that was given to me by Michael Douglas and after half-a-dozen shots we were wet and wild.

If he'd ever reunite with Kurt Russell No, the chances of that are pretty slim. The idea is intriguing, but it might look a little weathered, like two old ventriloquist dummies trying to play leading men.

But thanks for suggesting it because I had a lot of great times on that film. Kurt nailed some of those scenes, like the pro he is. If the Director's Cut of Cliffhanger will be released No, actually the director's cut was met with a lot of disapproval at the screening and received some alarmingly low scores.

Mainly because the stunts were absurdly overblown. For example, the average man can jump maybe twelve feet across a gorge, and the stunts had me leaping maybe three hundred feet or more, so situations like that had to be pared down and still then were fairly extreme By the way, the 2nd unit crew that filmed the majority of the action was extraordinary.

If he's embarrassed by his early films No, in the early films, I have to admit I enjoyed watching them, only because they were completely carefree and devoid of any movie-star acting tricks, simply because I didn't know any.

So it's fun to watch a natural performance without any ego attached. I particularly enjoyed working on Capone , because it was like the cheesy, mentally challenged inbred cousin of The Godfather On Burgess Meredith I remember the way Burgess played the scene with me in the apartment in the first Rocky , and I had never seen such great character work up close.

He was just eating me alive with his intensity and nuance. I asked him how did he do that, and he said, "Because I'm a better pretender than you are.

The biggest child usually wins. I love Joe Spinell and considered him a dear friend and would do anything for him.

We had met when I had one or two lines in Farewell, My Lovely He was truly one of a kind, but he had some very deep personal problems on the set of Nighthawks and became distant.

It was around that time his mother also passed away, who he lived for and Joe was never the same. You're getting the crap beat out of you and trying to think about camera placement at the same time.

And another thing, in Rocky III the pace is going to have to be quickened. It shouldn't be more than 90 minutes long.

In the first two films, Rocky dictated his own pace. This time, like with any heavyweight champion, his pace is being dictated by the people around him.

And we'll have a lot of action and be conservative with the dialogue. And also I hope I get out in one piece.

For Rocky II , I got a torn pectoral muscle, I got all beat up inside, I had to have an operation to splice things back together.

The mouthpiece saved my teeth. For this one, basically what I need is a mouthpiece for my whole body.

On Paradise Alley being re-edited "I'll never forgive myself for the way I allowed myself to be manipulated during the editing of that film.

There were a lot of scenes in there to give atmosphere and character, and they wanted them out just to speed things along.

They removed 40 scenes, altogether. I put 10 of them back in for the version shown on TV. For example, the whole sequence of the soldier without legs, sitting in a bar eating peanuts.

Most successful art reflects the exact ideas of the viewer - whether or not the viewer knows it, of course. Paintings that endure are paintings that inspire people to say, hey, that's the way I feel; those are the colours I see in my dreams.

Even abstract art depends on that. When you get right down to it, Rocky said exactly the same things to a 5-year-old that it said to adults.

There was nothing complicated about it. On stunts "The way they usually do it is they show you the double taking the hit, and then they cut in for a close-up of the actor's face.

It's so phony you can smell it with the cable car sequence in Nighthawks for example, it's so phony to show some stuntman hanging from a cable and then cut to the inside of the car and it's me coming in the window.

You have to do it on one unfaked take so the audience can see the actor is really doing it. I was originally thinking in more grandiose terms - the Coliseum and everything - but Rocky III should end with more than a fight.

It should end with Rocky's life coming full cycle, The way I imagine it, after the fight, he's riding home in a cab, with the roar of the people chanting 'Rocky!

And he just drops over dead. In other words, he has achieved everything possible and he dies when he's on top. I don't think people want to see Rocky when he's I don't know if I'll go with that ending, and him dying.

But I know I'll have to film it. I'll have to shoot it for myself, whether or not I use it.

This table we're sitting at is directly above my room. That's all the farther I want to go. When I was a kid, my mother used to feed me mashed-potato sandwiches, brussels sprout sandwiches, my brain cells were starving from lack of food.

I'll eat anything. I'll eat dirt. Now, working with John Huston , I'm biting my lip to keep from giving suggestions.

There's a misconception that I can't work with other directors. With Huston, he's so into it, he sits back, you don't even think he's working, he's so smooth, but all the time the incubation process is taking place.

And he lets you come to him with input if he doesn't like your suggestion, you get a single 'no' and that's it. On doing stunts in Nighthawks "I take those chances for myself," he said.

I have a fear of heights that borders on mania. I had to do something like this once in my life. So there I was, hanging feet up over the East River, with the wind blowing me back and forth and the constant danger that if the steel cable hit something it could shear in two.

The day before, see, a guy had jumped off the bridge we were working next to. We all saw it happen. He hit the water and exploded.

His body broke into several pieces, and the current was so fast that this was the 59th St. Bridge and they pulled the remains out of the water seven minutes later at the 20th St.

I saw that, and had to go up the next day. There was a fireboat down below with two divers in it. I made the mistake of calling them 'lifeguards.

They were there to retrieve my body, if necessary. If you see the movie and look closely, you'll see that I'm holding a knife in the scene.

My theory was that if I fell, the cable would make me sink unless I could cut the harness loose.

After I saw that guy hit the water like it was cement, I changed my plan. The knife was to plunge into my heart a second before I hit.

On John Huston "There are some directors you just almost automatically jump at the chance to work with. On getting into shape for Victory "My waist is down from 33 to 29 inches, I run every morning, I'm trying to look a little gaunt.

I thought Rocky was tough, but I've never trained so hard. I thought soccer was a sissy sport until they kicked the ball into my stomach and I crossed the border into Austria with hematomas on both hips.

We all really only want one thing. To be happy, and to achieve total fulfillment on all conscious levels. People are nuts about Rocky.

The first movie just opened here in Hungary recently. You should have seen the posters: I'm in the ring with my hat on, I look like some kind of clown.

And yet, the other day we went to the Hungarian-Austrian soccer game, and coming out of the stadium I thought our car would be mobbed.

If I'd have gotten out of that car, I would have been goulash. There's a price you pay. Working in this business, I've met some of the champions, and tried to figure out how they do it.

Training for Rocky , I boxed with Muhammad Ali. Learning how to play soccer What's next? I need a little quiet. Maybe chess with Bobby Fischer.

I got into a lot of trouble with the first interviews I started giving after Rocky came out," he said. I come over with a pretty big opinion of myself, and I said a lot of things that were supposed to be funny but weren't.

I got the critics down on me and they retaliated by attacking Paradise Alley Call it insatiable retribution. I've been working on it.

People have seemed to notice it. My energy level is just as high, but I can be more impersonal about myself. I'm learning to take life at face value.

Instead of my greed, my demands, I'm turning things over to fate. I was always so serious about everything! Who was I trying to impress?

I brought a lot of trouble down on myself. If you're too envious, too hostile, it all comes pouring down on you.

There's a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.

All basic laws are very simple. Working on Nighthawks , for example, I spent 15 weeks in almost, total seclusion in my hotel room, between scenes.

Those were the most stressful moments of my life. There had to be another answer. Not drugs: They're a psychological elevator.

They move you up, they move you down, but they don't move you ahead. I finally just realized I was taking everything so damned seriously that I was wrecking my own peace of mind.

I had to learn to let go. On Russell Mulcahy directing Rambo III I remember calling him from an editing room and telling him what a wonderful job he had done.

He answered back in a bored fashion "Why thank you darling. He went to Israel two weeks before me with the task of casting two dozen vicious looking Russian troops.

These men were suppose to make your blood run cold. When I arrived on the set, what I saw was two dozen blond, blue-eyed pretty boys that resembled rejects from a surfing contest.

Needless to say Rambo is not afraid of a little competition but being attacked by third rate male models could be an enemy that could overwhelm him.

I explained my disappointment to Russell and he totally disagreed, so I asked him and his chiffon army to move on. Nighthawks was a very difficult film to make namely because no one believed that urban terrorism would ever happen in New York thus felt the story was far fetched.

Nighthawks was even a better film before the studio lost faith in it and cut it to pieces. What was in the missing scenes was extraordinary acting by Rutger Hauer , Lindsay Wagner , and the finale was a blood fest that rivaled the finale of Taxi Driver But it was a blood fest with a purpose.

The stunts in the film were pretty extraordinary because they were invented along the way. Running through the tunnels of an un-built subway station was very dangerous, but exciting and we were only given one hour to do it.

So that made for an interesting evening. Hanging from the cable car was probably one of the more dangerous stunts I was asked to perform because it was untested and I was asked to hold a folding Gerber knife in my left hand so if the cable were to snap, and I survived the foot fall into the East River with its ice cold 8 mile an hour current, I could cut myself free from the harness because the cable when stretched out weighed more than lbs.

I tell you this because it's so stupid to believe that I would survive hitting the water so to go beyond that is absurd.

So I actually thought the smart move would be to commit hari-kari on the way down and let the cards fold as they may.

Several years later this cable did snap while testing it on a lb bag of sand. On The Hungerford Massacre 'I carry the can for every lunatic in the world who goes crazy with a gun.

In fact Rambo is the opposite of people like Ryan. He is always up against stronger opposition and never shoots first. Murderers are always saying, "God told me to kill" or "Jesus ordered me to kill" - so should the rest of us stop praying?

There are always sick people out there who will hang their illness on to your hook. Well I mostly keep the memories of the films that were enjoyable to do close to my heart, such as the Rockys, Paradise Alley , F.

I must tell everyone right now that originally the director was supposed to be Mike Nichols, that was the intention and it was supposed to be shot in New York, down and dirty with Dolly and I with gutsy mannerisms performed like two antagonists brought together by fate.

I wanted the music at that time to be written by people who would give it sort of a bizarre edge. Believe it or not, I contacted Whitesnake 's management and they were ready to write some very interesting songs alongside Dolly's.

But, I was asked to come down to Fox and out steps the director, Bob Clark. Bob is a nice guy, but the film went in a direction that literally shattered my internal corn meter into smithereens.

I would have done many things differently. I certainly would've steered clear of comedy unless it was dark, Belgian chocolate dark.

Silly comedy didn't work for me. I mean, would anybody pay to see John Wayne in a whimsical farce? Not likely. I would stay more true to who I am and what the audience would prefer rather than trying to stretch out and waste a lot of time and people's patience.

His replacement was more attuned to comic pop culture so the film had a dramatic shift into a more light hearted direction.

I would be insane not to work with such a brilliant filmmaker. I was hoping to work with Quentin in his new Grindhouse film, but unfortunately Rocky and Rambo duties prevented that from happening.

Once you've been at the helm of a film and understand the basics of filmmaking, you watch other directors with an educated eye. Its like if a film is going out of control, you want to contribute and quite often, a director resists any help because it usurps his power.

I can understand this. I remember my first day on Judge Dredd when Danny Cannon had been chosen as the director. I knew there was going to be difficulties in communication between actors, director and crewmembers, and that's exactly what happened.

So I believe the film reflects that lack of unity. If he'd do anything from his films differently I would've played Oscar incredibly cynical like the original French version and I would've gone back to my original premise of Rambo III , which was more in keeping with the theme of Tears of the Sun , but set in Afghanistan.

If he was asked to appear in Terminator Salvation No, that has never happened and I believe that's sacred ground for Arnold and would be an insult to encroach on his territory.

The worst film I've ever made by far Or My Mom Will Shoot In some countries - China, I believe - running Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot once a week on government television has lowered the birth rate to zero.

If they ran it twice a week, I believe in twenty years China would be extinct. On writing Driven I'd gone through - and this is not bragging but showing my inadequacies in being able to get it right - about 25 drafts.

And of those, about 20 were about this one man's journey, myself, through this film, and all his trials and tribulations. He'd fallen from a great height career-wise.

He was a drunkard with all these problems and accidents because he and his wife Cathy, who's played by Gina Gershon , had this very tumultuous relationship.

Laughs I'm giving you a little biographical hint here. And he just started to come apart. So he was brought back as kind of like how people should never be.

It's like taking kids who are truants and then taking them to prison to see where they'll end up and scaring them straight.

So I was brought back to basically prove to young Jimmy Bly how he should never be, as a bad example.

And then the more we worked on it, it became the dark side, a little seedy, and I didn't know where the upside of it was ever going to be.

So we began to reduce his role and make it more of an ensemble, so he's just there as a guy who did his job, wasn't very spectacular, would race like hell, sometimes he'd win, sometimes lose, but he had a certain work ethic code, that old school that could be applied to Jimmy.

So that all made it more ensemble, and then in the editing we reduced it even more. I originally had a relationship going with the reporter.

But that began to de-emphasise the other people, so we put that on the back burner. On changing Rambo 's title "You know Lionsgate jumped the gun on this.

I just was thinking that the title John Rambo was derivative of Rocky Balboa and might give people the idea that this is the last Rambo film, and I don't necessarily feel that it will be.

He's not an athlete, there's no reason he can't continue onto another adventure. Like John Wayne with The Searchers On Adrian's death in Rocky Balboa "In the original script, she was alive," reveals Stallone, I thought, 'What if she's gone?

On Driven A lot of it's autobiographical. Racing's very much like the world of acting. You have your front runners and you have guys that are there for the long race, and you have other guys that block for other people, that are called supporting and character actors.

It's all the same kind of situation. And you realize that you can't always be No. You just can't be the guy in front all the time.

So what you can do is lend support to, and help and nourish and encourage someone else. So it's like your experiences live on in someone else.

If you can find some young actor and you can say, 'Listen, don't do this and don't do that and avoid this and that,' and share your experiences, and he does succeed, you can say, 'You know what, I kind of contributed to that.

Laughs Unfortuantely I did. On which films he wished he hadn't done Let me think It was far better received than I ever thought it would be.

Being naive, I thought I was basically doing a film to while away the summer. The most important scene was going to be cut for lack of money [Rocky's prefight crisis of confidence, when he confides to Talia Shire 's Adrian, "I can't beat him.

Who'm I kidding? All I want to do is go the distance. They were literally packing up the equipment. But I stood my ground.

So they said, 'Okay, you only get one take, no angles, no coverage. On Rocky II "Once you've tasted success, to follow that up is almost as interesting.

Of the Rockys, it was kind of overlooked, but I think it was one of the better written ones.

Everyone had their characters so down, all I had to do was say, 'Action. On Paradise Alley "Also one of my better performances.

The character I play is kind of distasteful, but I never worked more on trying to catch the Damon Runyonesque speech pattern.

I loved directing. It just seemed to go naturally with my hyperactivity. Again - I use the word a lot - there was that naivete.

But that's what was special about the early years before I became the old pro. The acting was very naturalistic because we were really winging it, and I didn't know any 'cinema tricks.

That was the beginning of me understanding that I'd been typecast as Rocky On First Blood "I thought it was going to be the end of my career.

The book was interesting, but I thought he was such a psychopath, it would never fly. Every day I worried.

When we saw the first cut it was devastatingly bad. My agent said, 'Maybe we can buy it back. Again I went back into my life. Now Rocky'd become very successful, and he'd lost his eye of the tiger, his edge.

He'd developed fear of trying to do things new and unknown. That movie was kind of a psychodrama for me. But the story was very negative - he'd gotten into drugs, his girlfriend was a prostitute.

Sylvester Stallone. Sylvester Stallone au Festival de Cannes Votre aide est la bienvenue! Comment faire? La mise en forme de cette section ne suit pas les recommandations concernant la typographie , les liens internes , etc.

Univers de Rocky. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Rocky saga Rambo saga Copland Expendables saga.

David di Donatello Awards. ShoWest Convention. Jupiter Awards. Rambo et Rocky 3. Walk of Fame. Golden Apple Awards.

Hasty Pudding Theatricals. People's Choice Awards. Rambo 2 et Rocky 4. Grand Prix International du Spectacle. Festival International du Film de Stockholm.

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Filmografie - scenarist. Filmografie - scriitor. Filmografie - imagini de arhiva. Data Rating. Un actor excelent cu o rezistenta impecabila.

Multe filme cu el is faine. Adica toate :. La cat mai multe filme de actiune si sper sa mai faca inca un film Rambo.

Sylvester77 pe 27 iunie Bun familist si credincios, Stallone a reusit in mai toate filmele sa ofere pe langa actiune si o traire proprie concretizata prin mesaje pozitive fie ca a atins politica sau justitia chiar si in comedioarele sale destul de reusite.

Actor al dramelor profunde si cunoscut ca un maestru al actiunii, superstarul intotdeauna a aratat indiferent de finalul povestii ca omul trebuie mereu sa lupte pentru propriul crez.

Toata admiratia pentru el si pentru cine il intelege. Hei cinemagia, daca tot ati sters comentariile negative la paginile actorilor Pacino si De Niro, ce-ar fi sa va ocupati si de comentariile urate la adresa altor actori?

Va rog fiti rezonabili, fara discriminari. Florin Ungur pe 11 Martie Nu pot vorbi despre Sylvester Stallone fara sa fiu subiectiv, pentru ca i-am urmarit mereu munca si mi-a placut aproape intotdeauna.

stallone Tatsächlich war Rocky Balboa read more ein kleines Wunder. Rocky, Rambo und Comeback: Sylvester Stallone wird Selbst der letzte Rambo Film überzeugte er mit ner emotionalen Seite. Nach zahlreichen weiteren Produktionen wie "Cliffhanger", "Demolition Man" oder "Daylight", beteiligte er sich Mitte der er Jahre, wie auch Schauspielkollege Arnold Schwarzeneggeran der Die schГ¶nste "Planet Hollywood". Stallone wurde am 6. Seitdem spricht Prochnow wieder Stallone. Dort konnte er mich sowohl in den physischen, auch den emotionalen Szenen vollends überzeugen. Hier finden Sie die Biografie, Fotos und weitere Informationen zu Hollywood-Star Sylvester Stallone, der bei den "Oscars " eine Nominierung erhielt. Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, geboren am 6. Juli in New York City (USA) wurde durch die Filme „Rocky“ () und „Rambo“ () berühmt. Seine Mutter. Dort lernte er Stallones spätere Mutter kennen, die französische und russisch-​jüdische Wurzeln hat. Die größten Erfolge feierte Stallone in den 80er-Jahren, aber. 12 Mio. Abonnenten, 71 folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) an. Sylvester Stallone findet, dass der erste "Rocky" sein bester ist, doch auf "Rocky Balboa" ist er wegen der schwierigen Entstehungsgeschichte.

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Sylvester Stallone - Over the Top (1987) [Full Movie HD 720p Subtitle Indonesia] Die neuesten Videos aus dem Stars Bereich. Aktuelle Kritiken. Im Jugendalter fand er seinen Wunsch Schauspieler zu this web page. Als Schauspieler click at this page er auch unterschätzt. News zu Sylvester Stallone. Name: Sylvester Stallone. In seiner Karriere avancierte er zu einem der populärsten Action-Darsteller Hollywoods. Sternzeichen Krebs Commons Wikiquote. Hirnnervs Nervus facialis. stallone

Sylvester77 pe 27 iunie Bun familist si credincios, Stallone a reusit in mai toate filmele sa ofere pe langa actiune si o traire proprie concretizata prin mesaje pozitive fie ca a atins politica sau justitia chiar si in comedioarele sale destul de reusite.

Actor al dramelor profunde si cunoscut ca un maestru al actiunii, superstarul intotdeauna a aratat indiferent de finalul povestii ca omul trebuie mereu sa lupte pentru propriul crez.

Toata admiratia pentru el si pentru cine il intelege. Hei cinemagia, daca tot ati sters comentariile negative la paginile actorilor Pacino si De Niro, ce-ar fi sa va ocupati si de comentariile urate la adresa altor actori?

Va rog fiti rezonabili, fara discriminari. Florin Ungur pe 11 Martie Nu pot vorbi despre Sylvester Stallone fara sa fiu subiectiv, pentru ca i-am urmarit mereu munca si mi-a placut aproape intotdeauna.

Deci, parerea mea despre el este foarte buna. Desi filmele de actiune il definesc cel mai bine, actiunea lor se imbina perfect cu cate o mica drama ce armonizeaza impecabil intregul fiecarui film.

Un om de nota Face niste filme actiune foarte bune! Rey-Mysterio pe 14 Aprilie Un actor exceptional , munceste din greu.

Cel mai mult mi-a placut filmele cu Rocky. RODI59 pe 06 Iulie La un moment dat era actorul cu cel mai ridicat IQ de la Hollywood, asa ca nu cred ca in realitate este numai muschi, se pare ca are si creier.

Imi place mult, pe langa seria Rocky si Rambo a facut si filme de alt gen, chiar si comedii dragute si in care a jucat bine.

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I'm pretty spiritual; I believe a lot in the spirit of man. I'm certainly not an atheist I was baptized Catholic, but I don't belong to a structured church.

I have no opposition to it. I think there's great nuggets of knowledge in there, some wonderful rules to live by.

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His last major success as a co-writer came click to see more 's Cliffhanger. And you realize that beste filme netflix can't always be No. The Expendables 2 Eroi de sacrificiu 2. Personal Quote: I've made a lot of career mistakes - a lot! Click aici pentru a te autentifica. Retrieved October 31, So thank God for the maggot; otherwise I never would've written the story of Mr. Sylvester Stallone formed a film studio named Balboa Productions with Braden Aftergood in Marchnamed Balboa Productions, where Stallone will serve co-producer for each of their projects. I knew there was going more info be difficulties in communication between actors, director and crewmembers, and that's exactly what happened.