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The walking dead tara

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The Walking Dead Tara Kritik: „The Walking Dead“, Staffel 9, Folge 15: Warum das Blutbad so nicht funktioniert

Tara Chambler ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Horror-Drama-Fernsehserie The Walking Dead, die auf AMC in den USA ausgestrahlt wird und auf der gleichnamigen Comic-Serie basiert. Tara Chambler ist ein Hauptcharakter und Überlebende des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Sie. Alanna Masterson spielt in The Walking Dead bei RTLZWEI Tara Chambler. Erfahre hier mehr zu ihr und The Walking Dead. Tara Chambler lebt gemeinsam mit ihrem Vater, ihrer Schwester Lilly und deren Tochter Meghan in einem Appartementkomplex, als der Gouverneur auftaucht. In der 5. und 6. Staffel von "The Walking Dead" integriert sich Tara Chambler, gespielt von Alanna Masterson, immer besser in die Gruppe und findet in Denise​.

the walking dead tara

Tara – nur ein Opfer von vielen. Alanna Masterson als Tara Chambler. Gene Page/AMC. Zu anschwellender Musik werden die aufgespießten. In der 5. und 6. Staffel von "The Walking Dead" integriert sich Tara Chambler, gespielt von Alanna Masterson, immer besser in die Gruppe und findet in Denise​. In der neusten Folge von „The Walking Dead“ (Dead Or Alive Or) müssen die Alexandria-Bewohner Daryl, Tara und Rosita auf ihrem Weg nach. In Alexandria gibt es für Tara endlich einen Hoffnungsschimmer. Nur wenige Wochen später bringt Rick Paul Rovia nach Alexandria, der ihnen erzählt, dass er Teil einer Gemeinde Hilltop ist, die jedoch von den Saviours belagert und bedroht werden. Gemeinsam mit Rick und click at this page anderen kann sie ihm das Handwerk legen can be me beobachtet, wie Rick und die anderen ihn und seine Gruppe kaltblütig töten. Tara Chambler. Dort lernt sie Alisha kennen und sie beginnen eine Beziehung. Zudem erzählt sie ihrer Nichte, dass sie sophia thomalla eine Beziehung zu einer Frau hatte, die aber nicht lesbisch gewesen sei. Tara ist die erste, die von dem Plan begeistert ist. Bones: Charakter, Hannah Burley. Sie gibt sich verschlossen, unhöflich und misstrauisch ihm gegenüber. Das müssen Serienjunkies wissen, bevor sie "The Walking Dead" online schauen! Die beiden versuchen sich an ihnen vorbei zu schleichen, was ihnen soweit gelingt, doch visit web page bleibt Tara in dem Schutt stecken. Die Antwort liefert Staffel Abo Spezial-AboSammler-Ausgaben. Die Stärke und Entschlossenheit, die sie später zeigt, gibt Eugene den Mut, dieselben Eigenschaften zu zeigen und Taras Leben source retten, nachdem sie selbst schwer verletzt und bei einem Versorgungslauf für die Alexandria Safe-Zone bewusstlos geworden ist. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Click at this page ein, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu verbessern und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen. Tara Chambler. Tv rtl free hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für dich here verbessern. Maggie entgegnet jedoch, dass Glenn dies nicht möchte, dennnoch er glaubt, er hätte eine zweite Chance verdient, so einst Tara.

She soon becomes a member of Rick Grimes ' group. During a supply run with Heath , she finds a community named Oceanside.

Six years after Rick's assumed death , Tara resides at the Hilltop Colony and serves as a co-leader to Jesus. After his death, she becomes the de-facto leader of Hilltop due to his and its residents' trust in her.

Tara initially came off as cold and hostile upon meeting The Governor as he made his way into her family's apartment building.

She was seen exhibiting varying degrees of rude behavior towards him, even when Lilly insisted it wasn't necessary.

As her character continues to be explored, we see that Tara's hard exterior is only a facade, which she presumably puts on for reasons of self-preservation or insecurity.

In later appearances, she demonstrates a more friendly, compassionate, and honest nature. She is shown to be playful at times, such as when she played a game of tag with Meghan , as well as when she expressed amusement at finding a yo-yo in a discarded bag with Glenn and Rosita.

Tara is shown to express severe guilt for her involvement in the attack on the Prison that ultimately caused its downfall, as well as the deaths of Hershel Greene and countless other residents; even though she had little to no influence on the actual fight, she still bears the brunt of responsibility by virtue of having been there at all.

This guilt eventually subsides after Tara is accepted into Rick Grimes ' group and receives forgiveness from him, as well as Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene.

Throughout the fifth season, Tara shows numerous signs of developing emotional maturity and inner strength, often shown through her growing friendship with Eugene Porter.

The strength and determination she exhibits later gives Eugene the courage to display those same traits, saving Tara's life after she herself is seriously wounded and rendered unconscious during a supply run for the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

By the eighth season, Tara has grown much more cold and vengeful, especially towards the Saviors , and she has a strong desire to kill them all, except for the workers and prisoners, to avenge her girlfriend, Denise Cloyd , and her friends, Glenn, Abraham Ford , and Olivia.

This shows that she is perfectly willing to eliminate human threats, just like most of the rest of her group. She was particularly hostile towards Dwight , who was responsible for Denise's death, wanting to kill him despite his decision to switch sides and help them and conspiring with Daryl , who likewise wanted all of the Saviors dead regardless of whether or nor they surrendered and likewise particularly despised Dwight, to do so.

She was also the only one who participated in Daryl's plot to let walkers into the Sanctuary despite knowing that innocent workers and prisoners would die if they did so, showing that like Daryl, she has allowed her hatred to blind her to what is the morally correct thing to do.

However, after Dwight lures his fellow Saviors away from their location, Tara seems to soften, and remembers how she had once been one of the Governor's people, acknowledging her own hypocrisy.

When she thought she had been shot with a poisoned arrow by Dwight and would die soon, she accepted this and said she thought she deserved it for the way she had behaved before, stating she may have pushed Dwight into switching sides again.

After realizing he had shot her with a clean arrow and she was not dying, she seemed to finally let go of her hatred and told Daryl she would no longer aid him in his desire to kill Dwight and all the other Saviors.

Following the 6-year time jump, and the deaths of Gregory and Jesus, as well as Maggie's departure, Tara has found herself as the leader of Hilltop.

As a leader, she seems to be stern and pragmatic, but still kind, understanding, honest, and willing to listen to others. When Alden and Luke went missing, she wasn't willing to put an entire group of her people at risk to find them, by going out to face an unknown threat, preferring to return to Hilltop to get more information before acting.

Though she appears certain in her decisions, she openly admits to Yumiko that she doesn't know if she knows what she's doing, inviting her to talk to her if she ever disagrees with one of her decisions, and is also quick to forgive Yumiko and her group for going against her orders to search for Luke, understanding their fear for the safety of their friend.

In her final moments, Tara proved her bravery and strength of character, as she fought to the death against Whisperers , fighting to protect her friends until the very end.

Tara grew up in Atlanta with her father David, sister Lilly, and niece Meghan. She enrolled in the Atlanta police academy with aspirations to become a police officer.

On a weekend, Tara and her girlfriend Sam were on a camping trip where Sam confessed she wasn't a lesbian as Tara had believed.

During the onset of the outbreak, Tara's family picked her up from the academy and holed up together inside of their apartment complex.

For about a year, Tara continually cleared their area of walkers. However, she was unaware that she needed to destroy the brain in order to kill one.

When the Governor arrives at their apartment, Tara reluctantly allows him inside. After he tells them his story about what had happened before at this camp and introduces himself as Brian, Tara explains that she was in training to become a police officer.

At Lilly's insistence, Tara allows him to stay in one of the empty apartments of the building. After her father David passes away due to his cancer, Tara cries at his bedside.

When he turns and almost bites her, the Governor saves her life. Later on, Tara thanks the Governor for saving her life and fist bumps him.

Following this event, Tara and her family leave with the Governor, thinking he can possibly take them to a safer place and protect them.

On the road, they are swarmed by a herd and in an attempt to escape, Tara runs away and twists her ankle, but is saved by Lilly.

They trudge through the forest but are saved by another group of survivors. Tara and her family are then granted shelter at Martinez's camp as long as they contribute.

Later that day, Tara flirts with Alisha while Alisha is getting a cut treated by Lilly. They then would start a relationship over the following days.

When the Governor takes leadership of the camp, Tara and Alisha help secure a fence around the campsite to protect it from walkers.

Due to being distracted flirting with Alisha, a walker entered the camp and almost attacked Meghan.

She is then left visibly shocked when the Governor manages to save Meghan. When the Governor reveals his plan to try and take the West Georgia Correctional Facility using Hershel and Michonne as exchange hostages, Tara is the first member of the militia to accept taking part in the attack later that day.

When negotiations were taking place at the prison, Rick tries to reason directly with Tara after noticing that she was insecure about what they were doing.

After the Governor cruelly beheads Hershel, Tara realizes that she is on the wrong side and throws her weapon to the ground, refusing to be part of the battle.

As the fighting continues, Tara tries to reason with Alisha, telling her that they shouldn't be doing this but Alisha tells her to stay behind her and run into the forest if they get separated.

Having survived the battle, Tara took refuge inside a fence to avoid being attacked by the walkers.

As Glenn is leaving, he spots her in an almost catatonic state and convinces her to accompany him. As they reach the road, Tara mentions she regrets having trusted "Brian" and once he killed Hershel, she knew instantly that she was on the wrong side.

Glenn responds that while he is not on good terms with her, he needs her help to find his wife Maggie. When walkers try to attack them, Glenn fights off the majority but collapses with fatigue.

Tara attacks a walker that is about to bite him, repeatedly bashing its head in. She looks up to realize Abraham , Eugene , and Rosita have witnessed her heroic act.

Having been picked up by Abraham's group, Tara rides along with an unconscious Glenn in the back of the army truck as she writes down coordinates on her hand with a marker so she knows where they're going.

When walkers appear on the road, she watches as Abraham attacks them with a crowbar and says he's the luckiest person in the world.

Later that day, Glenn wakes up and Tara tells him not to move as she offers him some water. He asks if while driving they passed a bus.

She informs him she saw everyone dead and it's been three hours since they've passed the bus. Glenn says they need to go back, so the two of them bang on the window from the back of the truck so it can stop.

Abraham tells them that they can't stop because Eugene knows the cure, shocking them both. However, Tara follows Glenn as he leaves to keep searching for Maggie and explains that she wrote down every coordinate on her hand and she knows her way back.

When Abraham and Glenn start fighting, Tara and Rosita tell them to stop as Eugene notices some walkers. The four of them run back towards the truck to help Eugene fight off walkers.

With the army truck lost to stray bullets, Tara and Glenn walk off before they are followed by the others.

As the five venture off, Abraham calls Tara a good person for helping Glenn but he believes that saving the world is more important. She says she's not a good person, and tells him to not lie to her about the real reason he's helping Eugene.

Tara walks with the group along the train tracks on their way to Terminus. Eugene tries to strike up a conversation with her, firstly by theorizing the dinosaurs could have been wiped out by the same virus that has wiped out civilization, before asking her what kind of gamer she was.

While camping that night, Abraham questions Tara why is she helping Glenn and she confesses she is trying to make amends for doing something bad.

The next day, Glenn comes upon another Terminus sign marked by Maggie, Bob and Sasha and sprints ahead as the rest of the group follow him.

Later that day, the group comes upon a tower and Abraham insists they stop to rest. When a walker appears above in the tower and almost falls on top of Eugene, Tara is pushed out of the way by a protective Abraham and injures her knee.

Nonetheless, she is still adamant in her support of Glenn. When the group comes upon a railway bridge in the mountainside, Abraham reluctantly parts company with Tara and Glenn, saying the risk is too high to Eugene and they will instead go around, telling them they'll likely be camped at the other side should they survive and make it through.

Tara and Glenn enter the tunnel and find evidence of a fresh cave-in, as well as many trapped walkers.

Glenn insists he needs to see the faces of the walkers to ensure none of them are Maggie and Tara helps.

When the two set a diversion with a flashlight to sneak around the overwhelming swarm of walkers, Tara slips and gets stuck in the debris.

Glenn, refusing to leave her, is forced to empty his handgun clip into the surrounding walkers.

Out of bullets, the pair are then saved by Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, Sasha , and Bob , who have now converged and joined forces.

That night, Tara is introduced to Maggie by Glenn, who tells his wife that he and Tara met on the road. An appreciative Maggie gives Tara a hug of thanks.

With the newly formed group deciding on their next move, Tara agrees to go with Abraham to D. Shortly after arriving at Terminus, Tara and her companions are stripped of their belongings and thrown in a train car to await an uncertain fate.

When Rick, Carl , Michonne, and Daryl are thrown in the same cart, Tara and Rick recognized each other but she is introduced as a friend by Glenn to avoid any resentment.

Tara crafts a makeshift weapon to use in the escape attempt. When the group tries to break out, they fail on their first try and she is left inside.

She encourages the group and is confident that they'll be able to survive their break-out. When Rick opens the boxcar for everyone to escape, Tara helps kill walkers on their way out and aids in protecting the group.

She then watches as the group reunites with Carol, Tyreese, and Judith in the woods. While walking away from Terminus, Tara talks to Rick about her involvement in the Governor's attack, and he says he forgives her, noting that he could tell she did not want to be there and that is why he tried to talk to her.

She travels with the group when they rescue Father Gabriel. Upon arriving at his church , she splits off with Glenn and Maggie to collect supplies in a nearby store.

When the group is eating that night, a guilty ridden Tara reveals to Maggie she was with the Governor and was involved in the attack.

Maggie forgives her and they hug. Following the mysterious disappearances of Daryl, Carol, and Bob, Tara listens as Gabriel is confronted and then confesses his past to the group.

When Bob is left outside the church, she helps carry him inside where the group is shocked to discover he was bitten. Upon hearing of Gareth 's return, Abraham demands that the group leave for Washington right away and starts to argue with Rick.

As part of a bargain to make him stay and fight, Tara promises to go with him tomorrow regardless of what happens.

She then joins Rick's posse to help trap Gareth's group inside the church and watches as Rick, Michonne, Sasha and Abraham brutally murder the cannibals.

The next day, Tara watches as the group bids farewell to Bob before he dies from infection. She then leaves with Abraham's group on the bus towards Washington.

As the group drives down the road, Tara suggests to Eugene he cut his hair and jokes that it's his source of power. When the bus breaks down and flips over, she stays to protect Eugene from incoming walkers and tells him it's time to get brave and hands him a knife.

Before a walker bites her from behind, Eugene saves her life. When the bus starts burning Tara suggests finding some bikes because they don't burn.

Later that day, the group stays in a book store which they fortify. Tara scavenges water from a toilet and boils it over a fire made from book pages.

She later finds Eugene watching Abraham and Rosita having sex. She thanks him for saving her life earlier when Eugene reveals that he sabotaged the bus.

He explains he doesn't think people would keep him around if he couldn't save the world, but Tara says they will because they're friends.

She promises to keep the sabotage a secret and then takes a swift look at Rosita before going to bed.

The next morning, Tara takes out walkers when they emerge from the building after Abraham moves a firetruck. As the group comes across a gigantic herd on the road, Abraham insists on going through and they argue with him.

When Eugene reveals he is not a scientist, Tara is left speechless but helps him when Abraham knocks him out. As the group tries to figure out what to do about the recent events, Tara tries to boost morale and nicknames them 'GREATM' which consists of each member's first name in the group making up a letter.

She also mentions how Eugene lied about being a scientist because lying is his only strength so they shouldn't put him down for it.

When Glenn and Rosita are fishing at the small river, Tara finds a backpack and looks through it to see if she can find anything useful.

She finds a yo-yo and plays with it while the trio returns to the roadside. Tara arrives back with the group to Gabriel's church in the fire truck where she embraces Carl upon her return.

They then head out towards Grady Memorial Hospital to help rescue Beth. Upon arriving, Tara and the group witness Daryl carrying out the dead body of Beth.

She is saddened to see Maggie's breakdown. The following couple of weeks, Tara and the group traveled to Noah's community in Virginia for a safe haven.

When the place is found abandoned and Tyreese dies after being bitten, Tara is present at his funeral. The group keeps traveling on their long trek in search of hope in D.

When they take a break, Tara comments about Abraham purely ingesting alcohol. She then takes part in eating a dog out of desperation.

When it starts raining later that day, Tara celebrates with Rosita. She then seeks refuge inside a barn along with the group to hide from a storm where later that night she helps her fellow survivors hold the barn doors to keep walkers from getting inside.

Tara watches as Aaron is brought to the barn and questioned. When Abraham and his group go out to scout Aaron's vehicles, she and the remaining survivors do a quick sweep of the area surrounding the barn.

Later that day, Tara is among those traveling in the RV towards the Alexandria Safe-Zone where they arrive the next morning. Tara enters Alexandria and is assigned the job of a runner.

On Rick's advice they all decide to stay in the same house. The next day, she goes with Noah , Glenn, Nicholas , and Aiden on a dry run.

She does not approve of how they string up walkers and when they try to recapture one that gets loose she nearly gets bit but Glenn kills it.

Tara becomes angry and disturbed by Aiden's actions and witnesses the fight between him and Glenn. Tara is part of the group tasked with looting a warehouse for parts needed to restore power for the solar panels at Alexandria.

Once at the warehouse, she engages in conversation with Eugene, calling him a coward and reminding him that he didn't bring them to Alexandria, they brought him.

When Aiden accidentally shoots a grenade on a walker, Tara is knocked unconscious by the blast and appears to suffer head trauma.

Eugene dispatches two walkers and carries her to the van. She is then brought to Alexandria and taken to the infirmary. Tara lays in her bed unconscious resting from her injuries over the next weeks.

While being looked after by Rosita, she finally wakes up and smiles at her friend. She says they both look like shit as Glenn says that they were attacked by walkers in the woods and a bullet ricocheted off a tree and hit him in the shoulder.

Eugene walks in and he is overjoyed to see Tara awake, and Tara is happy to see that he still has his haircut intact and they embrace.

She then asks for Noah but is informed about his death. While the residents are building a wall in the road as part of their plan to lure a herd away from the community days later, Tara berates Maggie for not having Nicholas exiled for his actions.

However, Maggie reminds her that she was once part of the enemy group on the day the Governor murdered Maggie's father. She says Glenn saves people no matter if they are bad or good and because of that Tara is the one of the most important people to her.

While looking for aspirins at the infirmary, Tara and Eugene meet Denise , who introduces herself and says that Pete Anderson didn't want her helping him but after his sudden death, there's no surgeon left in Alexandria which has forced Denise to replace him despite her insecurity.

Feeling sympathy for her, Tara asks Denise if she can help her with a headache to which Denise says Tara is her first patient and she jokingly says that she'll probably not kill her.

Rosita , Eric , and Aaron bring in an injured Holly , who has been stabbed. Tara notices Denise being reluctant to help and orders her to help Holly.

Despite Denise's best attempt to save Holly, she dies due to blood loss. Before Tara leaves the infirmary, she quietly reminds Denise to destroy Holly's brain so she won't reanimate.

When the plan to lure the herd away from Alexandria fails, Tara listens to Rick's speech where he informs everyone about the walkers gathering outside the walls and instructs everyone to be as quiet as possible explaining they will become less interested in Alexandria.

She later finds Denise struggling to stabilize Scott's bullet wound and encourages her to not give up hope and to keep reading so she can find out how to help him.

Later that day, Tara is sitting on her porch when Denise approaches. She asks how Scott is doing and Denise replies by kissing her.

Tara is on a lookout perch with Eugene when she notices that Spencer is using a zip-line to crawl across in his plan to lure the herd away from Alexandria.

Despite protests from Rick to save the bullets, Tara helps to shoot at the walkers when Spencer almost falls into the herd.

Despite saving Spencer, Rick scolds her for her stupidity in wasting bullets and making the herd more aggressive and she flips him off.

Later that day, Rick apologizes to Tara as she looks for Denise. She accepts his apology and acknowledges what she did was stupid.

When the Alexandria tower collapses and destroys a part of the wall, Tara and Rosita help drag Tobin to safety and then rescue Eugene from a walker, before they take refuge in a nearby garage.

While trapped, Rosita begins to give up hope but Tara encourages her to keep going and the trio starts working to escape the garage.

Later that day, they manage to unlock a door into the rest of the house and stumble into the same room the captive Wolf is holding Denise captive, with Carol and Morgan unconscious on the floor.

He forces them to surrender their weapons and Tara watches as he leaves the house, taking Denise with him. Tara then joins Carol, Rosita, Morgan, and Eugene outside to help Rick and the Alexandrians kill the rest of the walkers.

The next morning, Tara rests outside the infirmary with the other Alexandrians. When Rick and Daryl bring the unconscious Paul Rovia to be left there, they watch as he is brought inside.

When the group returns to Alexandria from the Hilltop, Tara assists the church meeting and listens as Rick tries to convince the Alexandrians that they need to fight against the Saviors.

She is uneasy at Rick's departing line "we kill them all", reminding her of the Governor. Back at home, Denise senses something is wrong and Tara says she loves her, before trying to persuade her to leave with her on the supply run.

Denise insists she must stay behind as she is the only doctor but promises to tell Tara she loves her when she returns and they kiss.

She asks Gabriel if he is still a priest and confesses that she lied to Denise earlier, telling her she loved her when really she was just covering up the fact she had done something like this before.

Jesus and Gabriel ask if she does love Denise, to which Tara says that she does. When the alarm is activated, Tara insists Jesus on heading back to the Hilltop so that the deal is still on.

He instead sends Andy and Craig back alone and heads inside to help the others while Tara and Gabriel stay outside. When two Saviors try to escape, Tara manages to kill one of them and wounds the other.

The next day, Tara says her goodbyes to her friends before she and Heath head off on their two-week run. Tara is hallucinated by Rick in an idyllic dream with the rest of the group at Alexandria having dinner outside.

Having passed the two weeks of their supply run and after not finding anything worthy, Tara rejects Heath's proposal of heading back to Alexandria and insists they keep scavenging for ammo and medicine.

While they look for supplies on a barricaded bridge blocked with cars and tarps, Tara tugs at a duffel bag lodged in a large sand pile, but the mound collapses, releasing a herd of walkers that were trapped inside, and surrounding her.

Heath starts to shoot at walkers to save her before he runs out of bullets and becomes overrun. Tara tries to make her way over to help him, but she is shoved back and falls off the bridge to the river.

She loses consciousness and is drifted to a nearby beach. After being found and saved by Cyndie , Tara pretends to be asleep and follows her into the woods where she discovers a bustling village inhabited by a large group of women.

When the residents start shooting at her, Tara flees and takes one of the women down, knocking her out. Rachel steps in front of Tara and is about to shoot her when Cyndie again intervenes.

More women emerge and surround Tara, holding her at gunpoint. The leader, Natania , orders Cyndie to step away from Tara.

She is then handcuffed inside a room to await interrogation. Natania walks into the room, joined by Kathy and Beatrice, and starts interrogating Tara about her background.

Tara lies about her past and offers to leave their settlement. That night over dinner, Natania invites Tara and her friend to reside at their settlement to ensure they never reveal their location to anyone, and reveals that the men were all killed in a skirmish with another group, after which the women decided to relocate their home and stay hidden.

Tara confesses that she comes from a community that killed a threatening group at an old satellite station. She suggests their groups band together.

Natania agrees to send a guide with Tara to find Heath and meet with her community. The next day, Tara leaves the settlement with Kathy and Beatrice into the wood but soon realizes they are going to kill her.

When a walker appears, she volunteers to kill it and seizes her opportunity to flee. As Beatrice catches up and holds her at gunpoint, Tara pleads that she has to get back to her friends, but Beatrice tells her it's too late, and assures her people are dead because the satellite station was only an outpost.

She explains that her group tried to fight the Saviors too but lost, and the Saviors killed every man and boy over ten as punishment.

When Cyndie helps Tara escape into the woods, she makes her swear to keep their settlement a secret and Tara agrees.

Cyndie gives her a backpack with supplies nd offers to take her to where she last saw Heath. They eventually arrive at the bridge and Cyndie refuses to leave until Tara safely crosses.

She makes her way across the bridge as Cyndie shoots down walkers from the top of a car. Tara looks for Heath and finds his broken glasses and some tire tracks in the dirt.

She picks up a badge that says "PPP" and puts it in her pocket. She then travels towards Alexandria over the next following days, and on the way, she camps out in a gift shop and eats the food that Cyndie gave her.

Sometime later, Tara arrives at Alexandria and is met by a broken Eugene. She is then informed of the recent events.

Tara sits in the infirmary, despondent over the news of Denise's death as well as the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Determined to seek revenge on the Saviors, Rosita asks Tara if she has any leads on guns or ammo.

Tara keeps her word to Cyndie and tells Rosita that she didn't find anything during her scouting mission.

When Negan and the Saviors visit Alexandria, Tara approaches Olivia on the porch and hands her a canister of powdered lemonade as requested by Negan.

She offers to take her place inside but Olivia declines, saying she promised Rick she would watch Judith.

Later that day, Tara and the Alexandrians watch in horror as Negan disembowels Spencer and Olivia is shot in the face as punishment for Rosita trying to kill Negan.

Alpha tells Daryl that she's letting him and the others go free, but there's a clear separation between territories now and the Whisperers own the south.

Daryl asks where the line of separation is and Alpha ominously says, "You'll see it as you leave.

Daryl finds the rest of the group waiting for him in the woods, where they also find Siddiq tied to a tree and covered in blood.

He points to the border Alpha was speaking of, a line made up of ten tall pikes with severed heads mounted on top: Ozzy, the leader of the Highwaymen; Frankie; Rodney; Nadia; Tammy Rose; Ronnie; Addy.

And then things start to get really emotional. As the group starts to realize their friends are also missing, we see the remaining three heads — Enid, Tara, and Henry.

This is where your mind might blow, because what. Of course, the show interjects our discovery of those heads with glimpses of people at the fair looking for them, really emphasizing how their absence is already felt.

We see Gabriel asking around for Tara to discuss something, Alden Callan McAuliffe scanning the crowd during his performance for his girlfriend Enid, and Lydia who has had the beginnings of a romance with Henry running up to Ezekiel to tell him about her mom's appearance.

All while back at the border, Daryl is begging Carol not to look at the pikes as the camera pans to reveal Henry as the last head — animated as the Whisperers impaled them just enough to allow them to turn into Walkers.

We knew The Walking Dead could be wild, but that's wild , wild. In the comics, King Ezekiel and Rosita are actually the ones to get the severed-head-on-a-pike treatment, so this is a twist of canon that no one expected.

But every death on the show has its purpose, and as co-executive producer and director Greg Nicotero told The Hollywood Reporter , "It's always about what these moments and these deaths do to other characters that catapults them forward.

Ultimately, it's an organic decision, the way it evolves. In regard to Henry and his relationship to Carol, Daryl, and Ezekiel. Tara stepped up as a leader once Jesus Tom Payne died.

She was showing some real authority and leadership at Hilltop. You see a budding relationship and a budding romance like Enid and Alden , where people are rising to what makes them the best person they can be.

In many instances, some people find those realizations. Fighting on the side of good, Tara was an integral part of keeping the surviving communities thriving, working closely with the likes of Michonne Danai Gurira , Daryl Norman Reedus and the other leaders.

This made her death at the hands of Alpha Samantha Morton and her Whisperers particularly hard to swallow.

After failing to convince her daughter to rejoin the Whisperers, Alpha needed to send a message and did so by abducting several members of the community.

Among those taken was Tara and, while trapped in a barn, the Whisperers brutally executed their captives. He was later found by a search party from the Kingdom to tell the tale of the massacre — not before showing them what exactly Alpha had done with the deceased members.

The decision for Tara to die and for Masterson to subsequently leave wasn't actually made by the actor herself.

The Walking Dead Tara - Weitere Charaktere aus "The Walking Dead"

In der sechsten Staffel hatte der ihre Freundin Denise getötet. Glenn umarmt Maggie und ist froh, sie zurück zu haben. The Walking Dead. Try Now. Nachdem der Anführer der neuen Gruppe gestorben ist, übernimmt Brian die Führung und erklärt den Leuten, dass es nun an der Zeit ist, eine Sichere Umgebung zu finden und er genau den richtigen Ort dafür kenne. The Walking Dead. the walking dead tara

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How alpha behead Tara and Enid, the walking dead

In the episode " Heads Up ", Tara saves an Alexandrian, Spencer Austin Nichols by shooting at walkers after Spencer falls into a herd for trying to use a zip-line to crawl across.

Despite saving his life, Rick is angry at her for wasting bullets and she flips him off. Rick apologizes but says that she didn't need to save him.

In the mid-season finale " Start to Finish ", Tara is first seen helping drag Tobin to safety when the walls fall down and the herd enters Alexandria.

She and Rosita then rescue Eugene and take refuge in a nearby garage, trapped in there by the walkers. Rosita is beginning to give up hope but Tara encourages her to keep going and the trio start working to escape the garage.

Later on, they escape and stumble into the same room The Wolf is holding Denise captive, with Carol and Morgan unconscious on the floor.

He forces them to surrender their weapons and Tara watches helplessly as he takes Denise with him as a hostage. In the mid-season premiere " No Way Out ", Tara joins Rick and the rest of the town in wiping out the walkers.

In the episode " The Next World ", two months later, it is shown that Tara and Denise who managed to survive the event are now living together as a couple.

In the episode " Not Tomorrow Yet ", Tara accompanies the group to the Saviors' compound to infiltrate and kill them.

She later kills one member of the Saviors. Heath and Tara then leave to go on a two-week supply run. Tara returns in the episode " Swear ".

She gets separated from Heath, ending up on a beach, unconscious. A girl named Cyndie Sydney Park gives her water and leaves.

Soon after, Tara wakes up and follows her, only to find a community named Oceanside full of armed women that kill any stranger they see on sight in order to protect themselves.

She is discovered and tries to flee as the women try to gun her down. She is later captured.

At dinner, she learns they were attacked by the Saviors and all of their men were killed. Tara is asked to stay by the leader of the community, Natania, but she convinces them to let her go, as she says she needs to get back to her girlfriend unaware Denise is dead.

Later, Tara realizes she is being led out to be killed, so she escapes with the help of Cyndie, who asks her to swear not to tell anybody else about the community.

Tara returns home only to find out about the deaths. Rosita asks if there is a place, no matter how dangerous, to find guns, to fight against Negan and the Saviors.

Tara lies, saying she did not see anything on her supply run, thus keeping her promise to Cyndie. Tara comforts Olivia for having to face Negan.

Later, Tara, Rosita, Carl, and other Alexandrians watch the exchange between Negan and Spencer over a game of pool as Spencer tries to convince Negan to kill Rick and put him in charge.

As Negan brutally murders Spencer for dislike of his weak abilities, Tara watches in shock with everyone else.

Soon after, Rosita pulls out her gun and tries to shoot Negan, only to miss and hit Lucille, his beloved baseball bat, causing him to rage and threaten Rosita to which Tara is visually distressed about.

Tara then watches Olivia get shot in the face by Arat, one of Negan's soldiers after Rosita lies continuously about who made the bullet she shot Lucille with, resulting in Negan ordering Arat to kill someone of her choice, furthering Tara's distress.

After this, Negan continues to demand to know who made the bullet. Tara lies and says it was her briefly before Eugene admits it was him and is taken away.

In the episode " New Best Friends ", Tara is part of the group who meets the Scavengers while Rick negotiates a deal with them to fight the Saviors.

She is dismayed to see Rosita becoming more restless and eager to fight while Tara advises patience.

In the episode " Say Yes ", Tara is shown to be conflicted as she knows that Oceanside has the numbers and weapons to make a difference in the fight, but does not want to break her promise to Cyndie.

She also knows that if Rick and the others go to Oceanside, it will most likely lead to a fight.

She ultimately comes to Rick at the end of the episode and states she there is something she needs to tell him. In the episode " Something They Need ", it is shown that Tara told Rick and the others about Oceanside and their considerable firepower, causing them to form a plan to ambush the community and take the weapons.

Tara infiltrates the community and attempts to convince Natania and Cyndie to join them and fight rather than hide. When they refuse, Tara is forced to allow Rick's plan to take the community hostage.

Natania manages to disarm Tara and holds her at gunpoint, demanding they all leave. Rick refuses and states they are taking the guns one way or another.

The tensions are halted when a herd of walkers converges on them, forcing the groups to work together.

When Oceanside still refuses to aid them, the group leaves with their weapons although Tara promises to return them once the fighting is done.

After thanking Cydnie once more for her help, Rick approaches Tara and reminds her that she does not have to feel guilty.

Tara responds that she knows that and does not anymore. Tara returns to Alexandria with Rick and the others, to find Rosita waiting for them.

She explains that Dwight is in their cell. Later, Tara is shown to be disappointed in Rick and Daryl's decision to trust Dwight.

At the battle with Negan the following day, when Rosita is shot, Tara helps her to safety. Tara is later seen at Rosita's bedside while she heals from her injuries.

In the season premiere episode, " Mercy ", Tara is seen with Daryl, Morgan and Carol organizing a plan to attack the sanctuary and then with Jesus and Dianne they start attacking several outposts of the saviors.

In the episode " The King, the Widow, and Rick ", Tara expresses to Daryl her desire to kill Dwight, as revenge for him killing her girlfriend.

Tara decides to spare him, however, and allows him to go back to Alexandria with her group. In A New Beginning , Over the next year and a half, after Negan's defeat the communities managed to make successful progress, Over the next year and a half, after Negan's defeat the communities managed to make successful progress Tara is scouting one of the roads when Eugene radios her, informing her that a group will head to Washington D.

Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will go to an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary.

In The Bridge , When the communities came together to repair the bridge that had fallen, Tara settled in the camp that the workers built in the forest and was in charge of monitoring the surroundings to prevent the dead from approaching the area.

She got on a crane to have a better view and from there coordinated with the other watchers the strategies to distract the creatures.

When one of the alarms did not go off as it should, it quickly alerted Rick to the horde heading towards them and prevented a surprise attack.

Sometime within the six year time jump after the events that lead to Rick's apparent death and Maggie's leaving with Georgie, Tara moves to the Hilltop.

After a falling out with Michonne, Tara takes the charter Michonne had written up and heads off to the Hilltop. Once there, Tara becomes Jesus's second-in-command, and after his death at the hands of the Whisperers, Tara becomes the leader, with Enid and Alden acting as her right hands.

Tara interrogates Lydia alongside Daryl and Michonne when they bring her to Hilltop. Sometime after talking with Gabriel and Rachel about war training on Oceanside's beach Tara is kidnapped by the Whisperers.

After Ozzy, Alec, and D. Tara's severed, undead head is found by Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Yumiko, and Siddiq on a pike marking the new border.

Back at the fair, Siddiq recounts Tara's last moments as heroic. Masterson was promoted to the main cast for the renewed fifth season.

Club commented positively on the character, saying, "Tara is pretty great. For the episode " Swear ", the character of Tara was mostly well received.

Matt Fowler commented that, "Tara still needs a bit of work from a character standpoint, but at least her conviction that all the murders her crew committed were justified more or less fits with her as someone who was part of the Governor's assault on Rick's prison".

He was also skeptical about her decision to lie about the community. He praised Tara in the hour, saying, "As maybe the closest thing to self-aware comic relief the show has left, Tara remains likable enough" and praised the "moment of selflessness and faith" in not speaking of Oceanside which "generates one of the few moments of legitimate tension in the whole hour.

Masterson's performance received a mixed response from critics. Jacob Stolworthy for The Independent was complimentary of Masterson's portrayal of Tara saying, "Granted, if fans were told they'd be getting an episode dedicated to Tara upon her introduction in season four, eyebrows would have been raised.

He went further to say, "I went from thinking this was an episode about a couple of badass tropical killers to realizing the mysterious body washed up on shore belonged to Tara…that was the worst kind of gut punch.

Hire a comedy writer, Walking Dead. Your shit needs a punch-up. Ron Hogan for Den of Geek was complimentary of Tara's humor, saying, "Alanna Masterson has some good comedic sensibilities [ Some critics felt the characterization of the core group of survivors, including Tara, was off in " Something They Need ".

Ron Hagan for Den of Geek! And yes, that's the hero of the story. Club had a similar perspective on raiding Oceanside.

He said, "The fact that Tara not only signed off on this plan, but also seems to be one hundred percent behind it, is at odds with everything we know about her.

However much she's supposed to believe in Rick now and clearly, she's supposed to believe in him a lot , for her to willingly go in on such an openly aggressive scheme is bizarre.

Her last appearance as a regular character on the show was in the season 9 episode " The Calm Before ". Noel Murray of Rolling Stone ranked Tara Chambler 15th in a list of 30 best Walking Dead characters, saying, "from the start, Alanna Masterson always emphasized the character's sense of humor and her compassion for others, as evidenced by her passionate romantic relationships with women like Alisha and Denise.

She's become one of the easiest heroes to root for; her self-deprecation and sensitivity make her highly relatable. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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See also: The Walking Dead season 7. See also: The Walking Dead season 8. See also: The Walking Dead season 9. Retrieved April 9, West have been promoted as series regulars for Season 5".

The A. Chicago, Illinois: Onion, Inc. Retrieved December 5, New York City: News Corp. Retrieved December 11, The Independent.

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The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead season nine will live long in the memory of viewers for its harrowing and brutal scenes. One character whose departure hit fans hard, however, was that of Tara Chamber played by Alanna Masterson.

Fighting on the side of good, Tara was an integral part of keeping the surviving communities thriving, working closely with the likes of Michonne Danai Gurira , Daryl Norman Reedus and the other leaders.

This made her death at the hands of Alpha Samantha Morton and her Whisperers particularly hard to swallow.

After failing to convince her daughter to rejoin the Whisperers, Alpha needed to send a message and did so by abducting several members of the community.

Among those taken was Tara and, while trapped in a barn, the Whisperers brutally executed their captives. He was later found by a search party from the Kingdom to tell the tale of the massacre — not before showing them what exactly Alpha had done with the deceased members.

The decision for Tara to die and for Masterson to subsequently leave wasn't actually made by the actor herself.

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Manche der angegebenen Links hier sind Affiliate-Links. Brian ist derweilen über eine andere Click here gestolpert und die Chamblers continue reading ebenfalls Teil dieser. Spätestens als Brian den alten Mann tötete, wusste sie, dass sie nicht kämpfen wird, denn der Angriff sei falsch. Staffel von The Walking Dead auf. Da er erkennt, dass sie nicht wusste, was er vor hat, vergibt er ihr und signalisiert ihr, dass er nichts dagegen hat, wenn sie bei ihnen bleibt. Danach enthauptet sie die Gefangenen und packt die Köpfe auf Holzpikes, auch Tara ist dabei. Dies zeigt, dass sie vollkommen bereit ist, menschliche Bedrohungen zu eliminieren, genau wie der Rest ihrer Gruppe. Zudem erzählt sie ihrer Nichte, dass sie früher eine Beziehung zu einer Frau hatte, die aber nicht lesbisch gewesen sei. Tara Chambler tritt das erste Mal in der 4. Staffel von The Walking Dead auf. Durch ihre Waffenkenntnisse wird sie später ein wichtiges Mitglied. Von 20verkörperte Alanna Masterson in der Fernsehserie The Walking Dead die Rolle der Tara Chambler. Während der vierten Staffel gehörte sie. Tara – nur ein Opfer von vielen. Alanna Masterson als Tara Chambler. Gene Page/AMC. Zu anschwellender Musik werden die aufgespießten. In der neusten Folge von „The Walking Dead“ (Dead Or Alive Or) müssen die Alexandria-Bewohner Daryl, Tara und Rosita auf ihrem Weg nach. When Continue reading is surrounded by walkers, Cyndie helps kill them to save. Morgan Jones Although the two have barely interacted, Tara and Morgan are shown to be friendly towards each. Glenn and Tara became great friends in the time think, dddlme reserve they knew each other despite their opposing relations to different factions. After Tara just click for source her leg Lilly offered to look after. The next day, as Hilltop cleans up link the aftermath of battle, Tara and Daryl discuss Dwight shooting That night, Tara is introduced to Maggie by Glenn, who tells his wife that he and Tara met on the road. As Glenn is leaving, he spots her an almost catatonic state and convinces her to accompany. Despite this, Click at this page and Tara had a sisterly relationship and clearly loved each. Before they go, Wars: die letzten besetzung teases Noah about Holly and playfully threatens to hurt. Tara is later seen at Rosita's bedside while she heals from her injuries. He finishes the story by encouraging everyone to remember the read article as brave heroes and to honor. When the members of Oceanside are surrounding Tara, Cyndie stops them, telling them to let her live. Yumiko apologizes to Tara for leaving and Tara tells her to talk to her next time.

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The walking dead tara Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Doch das Glück währt nicht lange und kurz darauf findet sie sich mit ihrer Gruppe eingesperrt in einem Waggon wieder. Unbekannte Charaktere werden in Blau angezeigt. Zudem erzählt sie ihrer Nichte, dass sie früher eine Beziehung zu einer Frau hatte, die goes wenn frauen ausziehen agree nicht lesbisch gewesen sei. Daher rührt auch ihre Zurückhaltung und ihr Misstrauen. Spätestens als Brian den alten Mann tötete, wusste sie, dass sie nicht kämpfen wird, denn der Angriff sei falsch. Rick read more einverstanden, die Saviours zu töten, im Austausch gegen Nahrungsmittel und andere Click here.
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Tara Chambler "For each other" The Walking Dead tribute Maggie entgegnet visit web page, dass Glenn dies nicht möchte, da er glaubt, er hätte eine zweite Chance verdient, so wie einst Tara. Sie weigert sich gegen Unschuldige zu kämpfen und versteckt sich in einem Käfig. Es scheint eine Indiana-Jones-Faustregel zu geben. Nachdem der Anführer der neuen Harry 7 gestorben ist, übernimmt Brian die Führung und erklärt den Leuten, dass es nun an der Zeit ist, please click for source Sichere Umgebung zu finden und er genau den richtigen Ort dafür kenne. Tara ermutigt sie und die beiden kommen einander näher. Tara reagierte zunächst so kalt und feindselig, als sie den Gouverneur traf, als er sich in das Wohnhaus ihrer Familie begab.